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As an active job-searcher, you want the very latest news delivered straight to you, conveniently, quickly and most-importantly; discretely.

The latest email comes in for that lucrative job you’ve been searching for, but Gmail is blocked at work or your boss is lurking right over your shoulder – not ideal, is it?

With AD Offshore, you can sign up to the latest job alerts which will be sent to you quickly via WhatsApp and if you like the look of something just send a quick reply and Hannah & Lucretia will get back to you straight away.


Just looking for a quick informal chat? Whilst you can sign up to our anonymous job alerts, you can also start a conversation with us any time, simply add us to your phone book (01481 729340) and start a conversation in WhatsApp as normal or click here and send us a message!

Latest Job Updates

Let us know the jobs you’re interested in and we’ll send them to you promptly via WhatsApp.

Discrete One-to-One Communication

Found something you like? Just pop us a message and we’ll get the ball rolling. You can even send your CV through WhatsApp and we can send over the job description and any other details so that you have it all in one place.

Easy File Sharing

Using WhatsApp’s built-in features you can easily send us your CV and we can share job descriptions with you, all in the palm of your hand.

Location Sharing

Guernsey’s not exactly famed for its signposts and there’s nothing worse than rushing around looking for an office – we can send you the exact location straight to your phone so that you can open it from your Maps app and get there in a flash.

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