The Top 8 Benefits of Temping you should know! Week 5


With the number of people temping in an organisation increasing, we thought we would put together a series of blog posts to help you understand the real benefits temping can bring.

This week we are talking all about how ‘you could go permanent’!  Just because you are currently in a temporary position, doesn’t necessarily mean it will always be that way.


A lot of us think that if you accept a temporary position then that’s it, you will leave once the role has come to an end. Yes, this is the initial idea, however sometimes this isn’t.

You may find that towards the end of your temporary contract that the role becomes permanent or that the employer valued your work ethic so much so that they ask you to stay! Of course, it is your decision – you do not have to take a permanent role if you are offered one.

This is a positive reason as to why temping can work well. It isn’t guaranteed everywhere, but being offered a permanent role does happen more frequently than you think.

So, once you start temping ensure you work hard, show commitment, turn up on time and be keen to learn. Employers will always take note of how hard you are prepared to work. Be enthusiastic and keep an open mind!

Who knows what could happen!

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