Steve Hubert - Startup

Steve joins growing list of Startup’s external mentors


Steve Hubert - StartupSteve and the AD Offshore team have today joined Startup Guernsey’s growing list of external mentors. As our journey over the past couple of years has been very much like the experience of a start-up; with only a mobile phone, a laptop and our favourite coffee shops to our name, we’ve now grown to a team of six recruiters and two support staff permanently based at our Smith Street offices.

We have seen clients and candidates from all walks of life over the past couple of years and our ethos of ‘we Listen | we Care | we Deliver’ has been at the core of everything we do; be it giving advice to those seeking to move to Guernsey, helping a client find the perfect candidate or working through the night to get a candidate their dream job.

“That’s where the real pleasure comes in doing this job, getting the perfect solution our candidates and clients need and joining the list of external mentors at Startup Guernsey was the perfect opportunity to help those with new and growing businesses, I’m really looking forward to making a difference here as it’s something I’m so very passionate about.”

Startup Guernsey are a local resource funded by the States of Guernsey to provide insight and guidance for local businesses, whether you’re an individual looking to start-up in business or a growing business looking for specialist advice, Startup Guernsey are the perfect one-stop shop. You can contact Tony, Jennifer, Carl and the team at Startup Guernsey for any questions around starting or growing your business and should you have any specific questions related to staffing and recruiting the Startup team will put you in touch with us!

Find out more about Startup Guernsey on their website: