Pride of Guernsey 2018


We were so pleased to sponsor the new ‘Customer Service of the Year’ Pride of Guernsey award, at the ceremony held at the Guernsey Press building on Saturday 6th October.  We would like to say a big ‘Well Done’ to everyone who was nominated for the awards – and extend our congratulations to all of the winners.

The winner of the ‘Customer Service of the Year’ award was Andre Whiteway – and although he was lost for words on the night, Mark Ogier at the Guernsey Press was able to speak with him after he left the stage.  Andre said:

‘We are just a small business.  There are bigger garages out there, but I do believe in treating other people in the way I would like to be treated.  I can’t help but think of all the other people out there who deserve this more than me.’

Andre gave Mark an example of how he likes to treat his customers, remembering a lady who used to visit the shop every week to buy a lottery scratch card, saying, ‘One day she came in and said it was her birthday. I think it was her 89th – and I gave her a scratch card for her birthday.  She came back a bit later to say that she had won £77.’

After receiving his medal and a cheque for £1,000, Andre said he had no idea what he would do with it but added ‘I will probably donate some of it to charity.’

We loved being a part of such an amazing evening – and we look forward to doing it all over again next year!

Photo by Steve Sarre, Guernsey Press Office