Temporary Analyst

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This is an exciting opportunity to work for a listed company based in Guernsey, which has truly international ambitions.

The role reports directly to the Manager/Senior Manager in the Listings department, as well as ultimately reporting to the Director and Head of Listings.


Responsibilities in this role include:

  • Scrutinising all levels of listing applications for listings of different entities to establish suitability in accordance with the Listing Rules; focusing on ensuring all applications are suitably vetted in correlation with the Listing Rules;
  • Providing responses to listings applications via comments letters which are sent directly to the applicable Listing Sponsor;
  • Support the decision-making process in respect of applications by presenting and making recommendations to the Listing and Membership Committee;
  • Undertaking appropriate due diligence under the guidance of the Director and Head of Market Regulation to ensure that all pertinent information of an issuer is identified and reporting those findings for consideration (e.g. negative media, fines, criminal convictions or legal proceedings)


More information about the role is available upon request – contact the team today for further details.


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