AD Offshore Guernsey Team

Getting Our Good Side


2019 has been off to a flying start for the team here at Alexander Daniels Offshore, with our Jersey office growing to a team of four after just over six months and our Guernsey team now at nine-strong! What better way to celebrate than with a photo shoot?

With such rapid growth in our Guernsey team over the past two years, we’ve had a frenzy of headshots taken over the months and it seemed high-time to have all of our photos redone in one fell swoop.

We enlisted local portrait photographer, Tiffany Matthews, to come and take a fresh set of headshots and a full group shot of our team, no menial task by any stretch, but after a few practice poses, some hair-flicking and only one retake, we were done in just over an hour!

Have a flick through the gallery below: