Lauren Martel

Get to know Lauren…

Lauren MartelMeet Lauren, life guru, world-traveller and the individual keeping the office ticking behind the scenes…

Q: What skill would you like to master?

I’d like to be able to speak a foreign language – I just about know English at the moment…

Q: When people come to you for help, what do they usually want help with?

Life – I’ve been told I have a wise head on my shoulders and people come to me for all sorts of general stuff.  I like to think I know what I’m talking about…

Q: Who has impressed you most with what they’ve accomplished?

My mum! She’s such a strong and amazing woman!  I can only hope that I’m half the woman she is.

Q: How do you relax after a hard day of work?

Recently I’ve found going to the gym does wonders for getting rid of the stresses of the day!

Q: Where is the most interesting place you’ve been?

Egypt for sure! There is so much history and beauty in that country.

Q: What city would you most like to live in?

Anywhere in Italy or somewhere near the sea – although I don’t go in it (burrrr), I like being close enough to know I can go in if I wanted too.

Q: What are you addicted to?

CHOCOLATE! Hands down, easiest question to answer!

Q: What irrational fear do you have?

Dogs and heights – put me at the top of a mountain with a dog and you have my worst nightmare!

Q: What would you do with a million pounds?

Buy a cute little house over here and one somewhere hot and then what’s left will go to charity 😇

Q: If you could have a video of any one event in your life, what event would you choose?

It would have to be of the holiday my sister and I took with my Grandma and Grandad to France.

Q: What’s your favourite piece of clothing you own / owned?

My red Irregular Choice cat boots.

Q: What hobby would you get into if time wasn’t an issue?

If time AND money wasn’t an issue I’d go travelling around the world

Q: What are some small things that make your day better?

Happy, smiley people!

Q: What’s the best way to start the day?

I’m pretty much a zombie until midday, but a ‘morning’ text from my mum and sister and my walk into work with my tunes playing is always a nice start.

Q: What would be your ideal way to spend the weekend?

Doing something outdoors with my friends or family.

Q: What’s your claim to fame?

I gave The Queen flowers when she visited Guernsey in 2001, it made it to the local TV news channel.

Q: Where is the most relaxing place you’ve ever been?

Boa Vista, Cape Verde – their motto is ‘no stress’ for a reason!

Q: What are three interesting facts about you?

1) I’m a qualified Beauty Therapist and Masseuse

2) I name all my cars – I’ve had a Stevie, a Millie, a Mollie and a currently have a Tillie

3) I’ve rowed from Sark to Jersey (the ones for my sister – because I don’t think I’ve mentioned it yet this week?!)

Q: Why did you decide to do the work you are doing now?

A: The people! I love my job, it’s so varied and I can change it to suit me – but the people I work with every day have made it so much better.  Sarah brought me into the business and I’m so glad she did!