From Scratch: The Sky’s The Limit


Welcome to the fourth and final part of my blog series, From Scratch, documenting the early days of Alexander Daniels Offshore, from just myself working remotely back in 2016 to now, a total of 11 staff operating across two jurisdictions, with ambitious plans to continue growing through 2020 and beyond!

As momentum grew in our first year, it wasn’t long before our fourth recruiter for remote jobs and fifth member of staff, Hannah, joined us. At the time, Hannah was working for a client of ours in their HR team and shortly after a regular meeting with them, Hannah contacted Sarah that day asking if she could join the team and so joined our next team member.

But we didn’t stop there, with the 12 months that followed saw our sixth and seventh members of staff, Christine and James, join us. Understandably, it was starting to get a little cramped in our serviced office in Smith Street and then began the discussions of expanding our footprint and establishing ourselves permanently in the Channel Islands.

We then started searching for our new permanent offices, somewhere that afforded a bit more space than our 200sqft serviced office, and it didn’t take us long either… I’d set my eyes on 1 Lefebvre Street which had been recently renovated, and also happened to be the very first place I worked at when I first entered the world of work, so it really felt like coming full circle!

What felt like years later, we finally moved into our new offices, and yes, we still had to cart everything down Smith Street and up three flights of stairs and build our desks just like at the last office! But once we were in and settled, I sat back on my chair and thought to myself, “This is it”, this was the vision that I’d had for Alexander Daniels when we started; a big team of us sat in new offices, ready to take on the world! Now I find myself in our St Helier offices after recently relocating and I’m absolutely thrilled to be starting this journey again, to build something from scratch and grow it to something to last a lifetime, hopefully, I’ll be writing another series like this in the next year or two that will cover the highs and lows of growing our Jersey office!

À la préchaine! (That’s Jèrriais for A La Perchoine, for the uninitiated!)